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Sand… A LOT of Sand, Surf & the Boards... Wildwood, NJ

Sand… A LOT of Sand, Surf & the Boards... Wildwood, NJ


The Jersey Shore's ultimate destination. Wildwood has miles of white-sand beaches and 38 blocks of boardwalk fun with rides, waterparks, shopping, and arcades, plus great dining and nightlife. Everything you could ever want in a vacation experience, at any age, is all right there.

Every family at the South Jersey shore cannot get through a summer without a trip to 'the Wildwood Boardwalk.' Parents and grandparents are dragged to the boardwalk for an all-day... and all-your-money... excursion. 

When we were growing up, the first two weeks of August, every Summer without fail, our Dad took off from work and we'd all be together at the shore. Finally…  WILDWOOD was on the agenda.  We'd get there early enough to beat the lines and enjoy an empty Lazy River.  We'd inhale a bagged lunch at Morey's Pier to get ice cream.  Dinner was pizza at Mack And Manco’s, no question. 

Rides. Fudge. Funnel Cake.  ‘Watch the Tram Car Please'  It all comes back to me so vividly.    

Sunburnt, tired, and still damp from the waterpark, we'd pile into the station wagon.  The end of a long, hot August day. We knew we came, we saw, we did EVERYTHING. 

Fast forward to Senior Year in High School, I spent many nights in North Wildwood.  My high school buddies got a token Senior House.  We'd spend hours on 9th Street beach... surf’s up, every day.  Cue, 'Girls in Their Summer Clothes' by The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.  Those were the good ole days.

Now, I'm the dad of 4. Now, I'm the one getting begged for the Wildwood Boardwalk.  As a kid, a teen, and an adult, Wildwood keeps bringing the memories and the fun.

As always, enjoy the view. We hope this brings a bit of the beach home for you.

We'll be Live again Sunday at 8pm EST. This time we invited John Clifford from JETTY to join us. Click here to watch. 

Stay safe. Be Well.

- Brent

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