Dune High Beach Chairs

Dune High Beach Chairs

Easy in, easy out! Enjoy our lightweight Beach Chair - Dune High, 15 inches from the ground to make it easy to get in and out and get on with your day!

Dune High Beach Chairs

Take your comfort to new heights with our line of Dune High Beach Chairs! With the Dune collection, you can enjoy high-off-the-ground beach chairs that make it easy to get in and out, so you can get on with your day at the beach! Our tall beach chairs provide a comfy, convenient 15 inch clearance from the ground for easy access to and from the crystal blue waters. For the ultimate convenience, products in this collection also double as a high beach chair backpack, making loading and unloading an absolute breeze.

As with all of the items from LowTides OP, the Dune High Seat Beach Chairs are made from 100% recycled, ocean-bound plastics. Next time you’re relaxing beachside on one of our chairs, rest assured your purchase supports the health of our planet. Through our line of High Beach Chairs, we are able to combine practicality with our ongoing sustainability efforts to preserve the beauty of the beaches that we all know and love.


Everyone can be the solution to cleaner tides. 

At LowTides Ocean Products, our mission is to create stylish and durable beach chairs and eco-friendly towels made with recycled ocean bound plastics so you can sit back and save the ocean. Learn more about the LowTides process to keep up with the tides, or contact us for any questions or comments regarding our products today!

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