What's at Exit 0?!

What's at Exit 0?!

Known on the Parkway as Exit 0, Cape May has been hosting vacationers since the mid-18th Century. Let that sink in.

Congress Hall, one of The Cape’s famous stays, was constructed in 1816.  Known for its sprawling oceanfront real estate and massive columns, this was the ‘Summer White House’ in the late 1800s. The 'OG' of Summer Presidential retreats hosted 5 US Presidents around the turn of the century. 

Alright, I’m done with the history lesson. 

...The Point, sunken ships, whale watching, wineries, the US Coast Guard Training Center, The Cape May / Lewes Delaware Ferry, restaurants, downtown, farms, breweries...

They still got it.

I spent my college summers working down at the Cape. Mowing, weed whacking, edging, and blowing a 5-acre estate not too far from the Point and downtown. You would have never known being surrounded by farms, that these quiet sanctuaries exist on a busy and well-known getaway. 

I caught a lot of sun over the years down in Cape May and still try to get there once a year with my wife. The old charm takes you back and you quickly realize why the Jersey Shore has been loved by so many, for so long.  

Thank you Cape May.

As always, enjoy the view. We hope this brings a bit of the beach home for you.

We'll be Live again Sunday at 8pm EST. This time we invited Lauren Barber from the New England Science and Sailing Foundation to join us. Click here to watch. 

Stay safe. Be Well.


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