Common Questions

What is the weight limits for the chairs?

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The chair is intended for outdoor use only.

Weight Limit ADULT CHAIR max 250 lbs.

WEIGHT LIMIT CHILD CHAIR 100 lbs. Not recommended for children under the age of 3. Use under adult supervision at all times.

What is the height of the chairs?

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Low chairs are 8 inches from the ground and high chairs are 15 inches from the ground.

How far do the chairs recline?

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Sandbar Low Beach Chair: 22 in above sand/ground

Dune Tall Beach Chair: 28 in above sand/ground

Gully Child Beach Chair: 9 in above sand/ground

How large are the cupholders?

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(1) cupholder is 3 in
(1) cupholder is 3.5 in

LowTides made them different sizes so that the 3.5 inch fits the popular Hydroflask® and Yeti Rambler 36 oz ®.

How does the chair open?

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Open and close chair by seperating top of chair and front of seat. Open until the safety hinges rest firmly on rear legs. Keep fingers away from arm adjustment brackets at all times. Place both hands on chair arms when getting in or out of chair. Do not tilt chair forward or back while seated. Always keep both chair legs on the ground. Do not attempt to move chair while seated. 

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How does the chair close?

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Ensure slack on backpack straps. Grip top/towel bar and place (1) foot on base of chair. Hold arm and fold, closing seat fully. Turn upside down. Slide arms in each backpack strap. Carry home from beach. Remove any loose sand with light rinse.

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How does the chair recline?

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Do not place fingers near brackets. While seated, lean forward off backrest, place both hands on chair arms and lift up. Move backrest to desired position and press the arms down to lock.

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Will the chair rust?

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We've taken extensive measures to combat corrosion problems. The frame consists entirely of aluminum, while certain hardware components are made of stainless steel. To effectively mitigate rust, it's crucial to rinse the chair thoroughly after beach use, ensuring it's dried and stored in a dry environment. Saltwater can significantly affect personal belongings, so it's important to handle and care for your chair with caution.

What is the product care?

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Clean fabric and frame with mild soap and water. Oil-based products may stain the fabric.

Return Policy

What is the refund/return policy?

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Thank you for your support of our mission. We want you to have the best experience with us. For a seamless return/refund/exchange click here.

Due to the intentional outdoor use of our products, we hold the right to deny your refund for any reason.

What is the exchange policy?

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If you have received a wrong item from your order, please email us at info@lowtidesop.com and we will be sure to adjust your order promptly.

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