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An Interview with Molly

An Interview with Molly

LowTides is teaming up with famed designer Molly Hatch on an exclusive design release for Season 2. Molly Hatch is the founder, fine artist and business-savvy dynamo behind her eponymous lifestyle brand. Trained as a studio potter, Molly evolved her work into tableware and home décor design, infusing her products with contemporary sensibilities and classical charm to create modern heirlooms for everyday occasions in your home and now... your beach!

We chatted with the artist about her interest in LowTides mission, her own brand's eco-endeavors and of course, the iconic nautical pattern. 


Why LowTides?

I was really excited when we found LowTides online last year. Personally, I thought the idea was amazing - a beach chair to clean up the ocean. This falls right in line with the Molly Hatch brand mission to reduce waste and make quality products in a sustainable and ethical way. We're so pleased it has worked out and now we have a beach chair!

What the beach means to Molly?

I actually grew up in Vermont and as an adult moved to Massachusetts. If you follow my social channels, you'd know my family enjoys spending a lot of time on the Cape. It has become a place of deep meaning to me. The beach offers solitude as a place of peace and relaxation. It's really a great way to enjoy the summer. Unfortunately, you see the plastic waste from beachgoers along the shores and dunes. It would be heartbreaking to not do something about it. So if there is a way for us to collaborate with companies that work to reduce their imprint and encourage recycling, like LowTides, then we are here for it, for sure.

Tell us about Molly Hatch brand going plastic neutral?

It's exciting. Many may not know this yet, but the Molly Hatch brand aims to be plastic neutral in 2021. We are continuously working to reduce our imprint, so partnering with LowTides is one way to do just that. We are always seeking new partners that are inline with our beliefs in ethical production and sustainable practices. We have a lot more to come this year. Can't wait to show you!

How was the whale pattern selected?

In thinking about patterns to choose from for our collaboration with LowTides, we dove into the archives. We have so many nautical and coastal patterns that are loved, but by far and way the whale is the fan favorite. So naturally we went with the blue whale and wave pattern that may be familiar to many. You may have seen it on juice glasses, plates, greeting cards and now beach chairs made of upcycled ocean plastics! 

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