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Sara Fitz x LowTides Artist Series

Dive into quintessential coastal New England essence with the Sara Fitz Artist Series. This collaboration celebrates Sara’s distinctive nautical patterns showcased on LowTides adult and child beach chairs, crafting an embodiment of coastal sophistication, premium design, and functionality. Each piece, infused with New England charm and designed for optimum beach comfort, promises an unrivaled lounging experience, blending artistic elegance with practicality for beach enthusiasts from the scenic shores of Maine’s Bar Harbor and beyond.


Sara Fitz Artist Series Prints

Meet Sara Fitz

Established in 2016 by Sara and her husband Miles O’Brien, blends their love for coastal themes with design expertise. Originating as a stationery studio, it has flourished into a comprehensive lifestyle brand, featuring a diverse array of products from wallpaper, textiles, coastal-themed gift wrap, and now beach chairs. Sara's background encompasses architecture, visual arts, and art history, underscoring her multifaceted design philosophy characterized by color, detail, simplicity, and whimsy. The brand's essence captures the quintessence of New England's aesthetic, nurtured by Sara and Miles' shared experiences waterside and artistic influences.

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