What To Wear To The Beach

What To Wear To The Beach

Anyone traveling to a beachfront destination has been confronted with the choice of what to wear to the beach. Do you opt for something more casual, or perhaps something a bit more fitting? A day out at the beach can be a fun get-together for friends and family, and can provide an excellent opportunity to try out some fun new styles and outfits. 

Each passing year brings new beach outfit ideas and trends for both men and women, which leaves many shopping around for new beach apparel annually. The easiest way to avoid the craze of missing out on the latest trends is to find a style that suits you; whether it be a one-piece bathing suit or a colorful set of swim trunks, the choice is yours and should reflect your style and personality. Having an arsenal of beach apparel never hurts and it can keep you feeling fresh and new every time you visit the beach, especially if you go with the same group. Leveraging the season’s popular colors while finding fun ways to accessorize is a great way to enjoy the beach.

Things to Wear to the Beach

When choosing things to wear to the beach, it’s essential to remember that you’ll likely be under the sun for long periods of time. Here’s a few things to wear and consider while shopping for the beach:

  • Consider a light sun-hat or branded brim top to accessorize and keep the sun out of your face. Also, remember to bring some sort of overall top to wear when not in the water. Taking measures like these significantly lowers your chances of being sunburnt.

  • Beach style fashion does not have to be one-dimensional, consider using tools like hats and our moisture-wicking sun-shirts for men and women that provide UPF 50+ UV sun protection on covered areas to keep yourself cool. When selecting a bathing suit for your trip to the beach, ensure that it is well suited for drying quickly and reflecting the sun. 

  • There is nothing nicer than leaving the beach and being completely dry by the time you get back home. Spun from recycled PET yarn, the soft waffle texture of our sand-free Anchor Eco Beach Towel holds twice its weight of water and can dry in half the time of standard towels. 

  • To ensure that you select a bathing suit capable of reflecting the sun’s rays away from you, look for the SPF rating on the tag/website. When it comes to SPF beachwear, the higher the better; a product with a rating of 50 means it is nearly impenetrable to the sun’s harmful rays. A product showing a rating of 5 or 10 means it offers little to no protection in the sunlight. Your body will thank you over time, healthy skin should be no trade-off when visiting the beach regularly. 

Eco-Friendly Brands

When you are enjoying our oceans, consider your part in keeping them so picturesque. Try wearing beach apparel that reflects the values that keep the beach clean and accessible to all. The best way to support initiatives that save beaches is to buy your beach-style fashion from a brand that is “eco-friendly.” These brands often make their products from recyclables and biodegradable materials. 

Any brand that claims to produce beach apparel should care about the beach and its well-being. This line of thinking should not stop at bathing suits. Many around the industry are now offering eco-friendly beach chairs made entirely from recycled material. Items like beach chairs are material heavy and should be first on your list of eco-friendly purchases, these chairs contribute massively to the pollution found at the beach. Choosing brands with positive missions and values pushes our oceans to a cleaner tomorrow. 

LowTides Ocean Products

We aim to provide everything mentioned above, from fashionable beach-style fashion to eco-friendly accessories. Our mission began after realizing the immense problem facing our oceans in the 21st century, pollution. As many others do, we value the sanctity of our oceans and want to preserve them for all to see and enjoy. 

Our goal is to provide beach-style fashion that looks to impress and protect our shores. Any purchase made at the store directly supports efforts to keep the waters clean and enjoyable for any and all future generations. Browse our products today, and please contact us with any questions you may have. 

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