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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

A beach getaway has always been a staple among summer vacations, but as our environment continues to see the effects of climate change, pollution, and human-impact, being conscious of some eco-friendly travel tips is a sure way to enjoy your ocean stay while keeping our earth clean.

The human impact on our oceans continues to worsen, as we’ve seen plastic pollution and other water wastes rise astronomically over the years. And, while our efforts to lighten the damage have been valiant, there’s still much more we can do to help. In fact, everyone can be part of the solution to cleaner tides, so long as we know how to go about it.

Eco-Friendly Travel

There are many simple tips on how to be a sustainable traveler when vacationing this summer. Keeping an eco-friendly mind promotes an eco-friendly earth, and taking note of the waste you create can help maintain a less polluted ocean. Whether alone, with friends, or with family, everyone has a part to play in making your summer trip as eco-friendly as can be.

  • Be conscious of the waste you are creating, whether it’s an empty water bottle or food item. Check under the sand to guarantee that garbage didn’t get buried, and that all waste that you took on the beach is properly disposed of.
  • Make sure you check your entire beach area thoroughly before you leave, taking note of any garbage left behind. Maybe a bottle or can was there before you arrived? Take one for the team and clean it as you go. Simple actions like these go a long way.
  • Use eco-friendly travel products, like a refillable water bottle or paper straws. Did you pack your own lunch for the beach? Keep it in a reusable box or paper bag, and stay away from ziplocs, solo cups, plastic containers and aluminum foils.

Choose Eco-Friendly Beach Products

Why is the use of eco-friendly beach products so important? For the love of the ocean, of course! Our LowTides Beach Chairs are made from 100% ocean bound plastic, as the armrests and kick plates are molded with HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pellets. Each high-performance Eco Beach Towel is made with 24 recycled water bottles, and spun from recycled PET yarn. The soft texture holds twice its weight in water and can dry in half the time of standard towels. Even our apparel is made with sustainable and recycled materials.

What Are Ocean Bound Plastics?

Plastic use has become nearly unavoidable in today’s world, but a number of companies have sought after the use of biodegradable and recycled plastic in product production as a way to combat the ever-growing levels of pollution in our waters. This includes the re-use of ocean bound plastic, which specifically dictates that the plastic was collected within 50 km of the coastline, and done so through local community collection efforts.

LowTides Ocean Products

At LowTides Ocean Products, we have taken the initiative of using ocean bound plastic to create our eco-friendly beach products, sourcing our material from key At-Risk Zones such as Java (Indonesia), Haiti, and the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico). Our mission is to address the plastic problem now, so future generations can continue to enjoy the beach as much as we do. By using ocean bound plastics in our beach chairs, towels and apparel, we seek to promote eco-friendly travel as a means to combat the environmental crisis we currently face. 

At LowTides, we're aware that it requires a communal effort. Feel free to read our story to see why this means the world to us and our future generations, or contact us with any questions you may have.

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