The Longest Time of the Year

The Longest Time of the Year

Hang In There... Summer and LowTides Beach Chairs are almost here! 

Expected delivery date set for Mid May 2020

The good news... 

If you had a chance to check out our social feeds this weekend you would have seen a LowTides chair being sat in at the Philadelphia Gift Show. It was exciting. Hundreds of people checking out and enjoying our chair. Interest from both fellow vendors and new customers. It was a nerve-wracking experience but after 2 years in the making.  It felt good. 

The not so good news...

That was our sample prior to our mass production sample. The pregame, ‘the party before the party.’ We are using this chair to list out all final tweaks, adjustments, and improvements to our design and are requesting a final prototype to review before starting production on run #1 of 2,500 ocean saving beach chairs.

This means that mass production is slated for early March. We are making sure to consider every process efficiencies possible without compromises. We have calls with our supply chain twice a week in the evenings to monitor the process. We want to get these chairs here! However, it's most important to ensure your beach chair is the best quality, no compromises.

It's my goal that our customers to have the best possible experience with us and that is why I share our journey so candidly. It's been challenging and thus our timing projections haven’t been accurate in the past. We appreciate you sticking with the mission. Each of you are making a difference, saving the ocean.

For those who have sustained the wait and are on board to ride out this wait - we appreciate the support in advance. We are just about there!  There has been a lot of investment personally and professionally to make this dream a reality and I am so pumped you will be able to show off your beach chairs built with ocean plastics this Summer. 

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  • Thanks Brent. Best!

    Eileen McEntee

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