Environmental Noise

Environmental Noise

95% biodegradable styrofoam cups.

I saw the billboard driving along Interstate 95 outside Philadelphia the other day.  A billboard used for cup advertising?!  So my mind naturally goes into overdrive. ‘That’s awesome. Wait... WTF. What about the other 5%?  What happens there?  95% is better than 0%, right?’ 

Later on that day...

I'm not a huge fan of Fox News but I do jump back and forth between Fox News and CNN websites, daily. Why? I like to see how different sides see the same issues. For example, the same words from a debate are somehow perceived totally differently; same news, different headlines. Anyway, Fox had an article about the environmental impact on the future economy and how it will lead to the next financial disrupter. 

Industry/business has not been taking into account natural disasters (droughts, floods, oceans rising) and the impact it will have on consumer goods, raw material availability and investments. Fair point, I thought, however... Fox News cares about the environment? When did that happen? 

Regardless of the circumstances, people are talking and taking action, everyone is in on it.

Let's keep the conversation going. Do what you can. The small acts add up. Sharing knowledge. Buying green. That noise eventually resonates with others.

Care and take note... Fox News is writing about climate change. 

The TIDES are turning...

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Header image by photographer Caroline Power Taken of a 'Trash Island', Yucatan Penninsula

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