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Smile... You're in Sea Isle City

Smile... You're in Sea Isle City

Known for its OD No-Shower Happy Hour and nighttime bar scene, Sea Isle is much more if you stick around for the daylight hours.  

For my family and I, Sea Isle holds the fondest memories of our childhood. Every summer my parents would pack us into our Stationwagon and cruise to the shore blasting The Beach Boys. 

Fighting over more space in the middle seat, all 4 of us would be crammed in, with no IPads, boosters or enough seatbelts! We would take the back roads, down Rt 55, to avoid the Atlantic City Expressway traffic and stop at the roadside farm stand to pick up fresh Jersey corn for the weekend. 

We'd roll down our windows before we crossed the bridge into town to smell the back bay. We'd eat late-night dinner at the Charcoal House in Townsend’s Inlet. The 6 of us -- hungry and tired but anxious to start our weekend at Pop and Grandma's house. 

Trust me, I could go on forever... 

I didn't even touch on the stories of living with my 17 first cousins every weekend for the better part of 2 decades, 6 families in 4 bedrooms...

So, here's to Sea Isle, my beach, my family, and my inspiration for LowTides. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for our next 'trip' on Sunday. And, if you haven't yet, enter our April Instagram giveaway here.

If you missed our live Happy Hour Friday, don't worry, we'll be doing a Q&A Sunday at 8pm EST click here to watch

Stay safe. Be Well.

- Brent

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