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'Give Me a Beach or Give Me Death'

'Give Me a Beach or Give Me Death'

Thank you Peter!

Yes, we know your name is not Peter, but you should thank Peter too!

For those of you who don’t know, Peter McGuire is credited to be the founder of Labor Day in 1882.

The story goes, Peter was an avid beachgoer each Summer frequenting the beaches on Long Island. He felt a break from the harsh conditions of then inner-city NYC, whereas he served as a leader of the carpenters and labors union, did his mind/body and spirit good.  He felt strongly an extra day on the beach for his laborers would also increase their morale, thus generating more productivity upon their return from a long weekend.

His now-famous quote, ‘Give me a beach or give me death’  he proclaimed in a speech to Congress pushed the Labor Day campaign into fruition they say. The rest is history.

Fine... ok.

Maybe some of the above is not true. Maybe, in our mind, this guy just wanted one more beach day, like we do...?  

Either way, Thank You, Peter.

As for you...  Go ahead. You deserve it. You work hard.

Enjoy the Holiday Weekend.
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