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Yes, The Tall Chair is Ready Mom

Yes, The Tall Chair is Ready Mom

Do you listen? I don't think I have a choice these days...

Just so you know, my loved ones are just as concerned as the rest of you. Below are some of the conversations had around the Shore house this Summer. All, multiple times I may add, by these individuals started with the following:

Mom "Brenton, my girlfriends are asking about a taller chair. You know, us old ladies these days."

Wife "Brent, it’s easier for me to get out of the chair with a kid in my lap."

Dad "My back, you know Brent, easier for me to get up out of a higher chair. Your Mom keeps asking me too."

It’s like they thought I was building a low chair just to spite them!

Well, there is good news Mom, Dad, and Meghan.
Thank you for your patience. Your Tall LowTides chairs have arrived.

No need to worry!

Preordering is available in our store.
Buy a chair, save the ocean and be ready for the 2020 season.

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