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Discover 4 Ocean Friendly Brands Making Strides in Eco Conservation

With beach season now upon us, it’s the perfect time to check out some of the best-selling eco-friendly products and the ocean friendly brands that create them. The popularity of these upcycled products is surging like the high tides, and everyone can participate in helping preserve our beautiful waters. Not only are eco-friendly beach chairs and equipment made from re/upcycled ocean plastics, but they’re all stylish, comfortable, and great for every age.

At LowTides, we’ve made it our mission to produce socially responsible and sustainable beach chairs made with upcycled ocean plastics, and now we’re doing our part to spread the word about other brands doing the same. Below are some of our favorite eco-friendly brands, what they’re doing, and why we think they’re worth buying from. 

The Significance of Sustainable Beach Chairs and Eco-Friendly Gear

Nearly 8 million metric tons of plastic seep into the oceans each year, according to Researchers predict that by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. These startling statistics only paint a small picture, and the presence of microplastic presents a danger to aquatic wildlife of all kinds.

Sustainable beach chairs and other eco-friendly gear are not only putting recycled plastic to good use, but many brands coincide with various environmental conversation foundations to help spread the word and initiate missions to clean our beaches and shores. Everyone can take part in these efforts, whether it’s utilizing the gear for yourself or exploring some local foundations to join the cause.

Ocean Friendly Products and Brands

Whether it’s eco-friendly beach chairs, skateboards, water bottles, and accessories, these brands are making a difference in our environment:

  1. Bureo - In 2013, co-founders Ben Kneppers and Kevin Ahearn created Bureo, a company tasked with upcycling fishing net fabric and turning it into usable products. The Bureo shop boasts eco-friendly gear consisting of skateboards, sunglasses, Jenga sets, and more. Since this brand’s beginning, they’ve gained nationwide popularity and acquired partnerships with other brands such as Patagonia and Trek.
  2. 4Ocean - In 2015, Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper were witnesses to an ocean plastic crisis that inspired them to start a business of their own. Founded on principles of sustainability and ocean conservation, 4Ocean has since skyrocketed in popularity and has yet to waiver in its promises. Explore the 4Ocean shop, which features bracelets, sponges, and water bottles all made from recycled ocean plastics.
  3. Igloo - Think plastic chairs are cool? How about coolers made from recycled plastic to keep your drinks nice and cold? Igloo Repreve cooler tote bags are the perfect way to enjoy a fresh one while helping the environment at the same time. Plus, they look super sweet and are leak-resistant, antimicrobial & easy to wipe clean.
  4. Mita - Positioned at the forefront of sustainable eyewear, Mita transforms water bottles and aluminum into high-quality, lightweight, recycled eyeglasses and sunglasses. Everything from their frames, lenses, cleaning cloths, and cases are sustainably made from recycled materials and provide a stylish way to help the ocean.

About LowTides

At LowTides, we believe everyone can be the solution to cleaner tides. Our stylish, durable, and eco-friendly beach chairs are made with recycled ocean-bound plastics so you can sit back and save the ocean. For more information regarding our products or to learn more about our mission, contact us today.

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