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All About Beach Cleanups

If you’ve ever been interested or intrigued at the prospect of volunteering for beach cleanups, here’s everything you should know about how they work, as well as ways that you can take part. For many individuals, cleaning beaches is an extremely gratifying experience that aims to conserve the world’s phenomenal beaches and shorelines. Cleaning up beaches not only benefits the public substantially, but it also protects wildlife on both land and water, restoring areas where garbage and waste buildups threaten the local environment. Considering joining one of these efforts as a cleaning volunteer? Here’s what you should know.

What Purpose Does Cleaning Beaches Serve?

While the general aim of cleaning beaches is to, as the name suggests, remove general waste and garbage from beaches and shorelines, there’s so much more that these missions serve. Some of these focal points include:

  • Raising Awareness - One of the most prominent goals of any volunteer ocean cleanup is to raise awareness for the act itself. By spreading awareness and giving people the resources they need to join a similar effort, more missions can continue to remove waste and garbage from our beaches.
  • Encouraging Action - Much like raising awareness, beach cleanups also encourage action for people who are already familiar with these missions, and can potentially spark an interest in individuals by showcasing the benefits of volunteer efforts. 
  • Evaluates Larger Problems - Many cleaning volunteer missions will relay what type of waste they found at a certain site, and by doing so, they are contributing to pollution research and helping local legislation analyze sources of waste in the area.
  • What to Expect In a Volunteer Ocean Cleanup

    When taking part in a volunteer ocean cleanup, you can expect plenty of like-minded people who are all making a conscious effort to bring sustainability to our beaches and oceans. Certain beach cleanup organizations often form into teams, who coordinate together on time and place for their beach cleanup missions. This can add even more fun, as well as a huge social plus side to your efforts.


    During coordinated events, you can expect to set out for a day or sometimes more, and removing waste from a targeted area. Organizations will often supply garbage bags, gloves, and trash-picking tools for volunteers to use during these events.

    Popular Beach Cleanup Organizations

    Some popular beach cleanup organizations for you to consider include:

  • The Lonely Whale - Founded by Entourage star Adrian Grenier, the organization engages in all sorts of cleanup missions, with their primary focus on single-use plastics.
  • Pacific Beach Coalition - This volunteer-driven organization is dedicated to protecting our oceans and beaches, as well as creeks, rivers, and other wild habitats along the pacific coast of the United States.
  • Surfrider Foundation - The Surfrider Foundation has organized marine cleanups throughout the U.S. In 2019, the U.S. chapter partnered with the European Surfrider Foundation to spread awareness and increase its outreach.
  • Oceana - As one of the largest international ocean conservation coalitions in the world, Oceana has a focus on influencing legislative changes on a political level. They often target the fishing industry and big business, specifically, in an effort to create meaningful and long-term change.
  • LowTides Ocean Products

    To further the worldwide efforts for sustainability in our beaches and oceans, LowTides Ocean Products has taken to creating one-of-a-kind beach chairs and accessories made 100% from upcycled ocean plastics. In our opinion, everybody can be the solution to cleaner tides, and our mission is to continue to drive these volunteer efforts to make lasting changes to our environment. 

    Check out our product line which includes beach chairs, towels, apparel, and more, all made from plastic in our oceans. For more information, contact LowTides today.

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