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An Interview with Madison

An Interview with Madison

LowTides Season 4 and 5 Gully Child Beach Chair Collection features playful sea creatures from the studio of the artist, Madison Nicole Robinson.

Following an instant success in LowTides child beach chair line, we caught up with Madison to discuss her inspiration behind her bright and cheerful designs and what is on the horizon. 

fishflops season 4
What is your biggest source of inspiration?

The ocean is a captivating source of inspiration, with its vibrant colors, crashing waves, and fascinating sea creatures. Walking on the beach and feeling the sand beneath my toes is a relaxing and creative experience, offering inspiration from the textures, wave patterns, and beach structures. Additionally, observing people and activities on the beach, like children playing and families building sandcastles, provides creative ideas.

Working with toddlers and children fuels my imagination, as their natural curiosity and creativity offer a fresh perspective. Their inspiration leads me to create playful, whimsical, and wonder-filled works, allowing me to see the world in exciting new ways.

FISHFLOPS® signature aesthetic are the caricature sea creatures. How do you come up with the character names and stories?

When I have an idea for a character, I always start with sketches. As I further
develop the sketch into a final illustration, I like to add bold colors. After coloring,
the character comes to life in my head, and I begin thinking about how to name
the character. I usually go through 3-4 names before making a final decision.
Sometimes, I brainstorm names with my family.

Madison Robinson FishFlops Bus
What drew you to partner with LowTides, and how does it align with your brand?

The mission of LowTides to craft modern, stylish chairs from recycled ocean plastic is a cause I wholeheartedly endorse. By transforming discarded plastic into functional products and adding my eye-catching art, we not only provide children with fun, practical items but also create an opportunity to educate kids about environmental stewardship.

This commitment to sustainability ensures a healthier planet for generations to come. Whenever possible, I incorporate sustainable packaging into my FishFlops® products and participate in beach cleanups. This is a core component of my passion and drive that I attribute to being a successful, young female entrepreneur. My philosophy is “Be creative, work hard, give back, and have fun with a smile!”

Considering you began so young with vast potential ahead, can you provide a glimpse into your or the brand's future endeavors?

I’d like to see FishFlops® become a lifestyle brand.  I would like to find a company that will help me create an animated TV show using my FishFlops®  characters.  I am introducing a new pattern with LowTides® this season with one of my favorite characters, Violet the Unicorn Seahorse.   Violet is very creative and always eager to try new things.

FishFlops® and Violet will continue to inform children about the ocean and the life in it, and things we can do to protect it.  I will continue to give back because that is important to me.

We save ur favorite question for last, where's your favorite beach?

A few of my favorite beaches are in the Bahamas, Hawaii, Florida, and, of course,
on Galveston Island, Texas, where I was born.

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