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2020... the Good, the Bad, and the Beach Ready

2020... the Good, the Bad, and the Beach Ready

2020 had our number since January. Like many of you, it pressed our dedication, strained our sense of security, but surprisingly reaffirmed our purpose.

When does it make sense to call it quits? It was a question posed time and time again as we encountered an onslaught of obstacles, this year. 

Before COVID-19 even hit the States? We experienced its halting effects in January 2020. Our supplier's factory shut down in Asia, disrupting our supply chain and pushing our delivery date.

After the chairs' arrival? A defect discovery in the joint of the chair on Day 1 prompted us to issue a sweeping recall. It was devastating and embarrassing to all of us involved, including our customers, who waited patiently for their preorder to arrive.

Following the firing of our agent? We terminated the contract with both our agent and factory over their negligence and needed to restart and rethink our production chain.

End of Summer? With the issue diagnosed and resolved right before Labor Day, we could sell the remaining chairs through the 2020 Holiday Season. Then 'hang it up' as they say. Focus more on family, on career, and be at peace knowing we tried to make a difference and take part in the circular economy.  We tried. Together we did more than most ever do...

It's been amazing to share this mission and journey. The challenges and frustrations are easy to focus on, but there were many positives that cannot be overlooked. Lessons learned. Industry verbiage mastered. Relationships made. But most importantly, ocean plastics up-cycled. 

We did it. Not as smooth as we would have liked, but in just 2 years, our goal was achieved. Even after the challenges of 2020, we're committed to keep going.

For those familiar with the game of golf, you could have a really, really terrible round. Then there's the shot that makes it worth it. The one shot hit so clean - that looks so good - it erases the other misfires of the day. Then, before you know it, you’re already talking about a tee time for next weekend. 

With encouragement from you, family, and friends, we hit the ‘shot’ LowTides needed. Secured relationships with better, more diligent agents, engineers, and suppliers. Upgraded the chair design with a new look - better, bolder.

We are excited to remove an additional 8,000 lbs of plastic waste from entering our oceans with the next round of beach chairs in 2021. 

So thank you. This year challenged us all but like you, it has made us stronger. It has validated our pursuit of LowTides' mission. On a personal note, my family and I appreciate all of your support. 

Onward we go here at LowTides. Look for our new wave of designs, out next month.
In the meantime, on behalf of the LowTides team, I wish you the happiest New Year. 

Stay safe. Be well. 

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