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LowTides Ocean Products Launches New Sustainably Made Beach Chairs For Summer 2021

LowTides Ocean Products Launches New Sustainably Made Beach Chairs For Summer 2021

Local, Family-Owned Business Aims to Preserve Shorelines for Future Generations by Turning Recycled Ocean Plastic into Stylish & Durable Beach Gear 

PHILADELPHIA, PA (MAY 5, 2021) - After a sold out first season, LowTides Ocean Products has announced a return for Summer 2021 with updated designs and new patterns for their line of ocean-saving beach gear. Based in New Jersey, the company offers a sustainable alternative for beachgoers, with a line of stylish beach chairs built with up to 3lbs of recycled ocean plastics and eco-apparel made from recycled fibers sourced from plastic water bottles. 

Now, in its second season, LowTides Ocean Products has removed over 16,000 lbs. of plastic from entering our oceans, and looks to grow beyond their current offerings to create a fashionable and sustainable beach day for all. Season Two includes an exclusive brand collaboration with award winning artist, Molly Hatch, and new product launches, involving sun-protective apparel and sustainable beach accessories. 

“My family has been visiting the Jersey Shore since the 1950’s, and it’s become such an integral part of my life, my children’s lives and our family’s history,” said Brenton Hutchinson, Founder & CEO of LowTides Ocean Products. “Our mission is simple, to preserve the beauty of our oceans so that future generations can enjoy these beaches for years to come.” 

Inspired by the infamous 2018 National Geographic article, Planet or Plastic, about the vast amounts of plastic waste in our oceans and the detrimental effects it has on marine life and our shorelines, Hutchinson sought to be a part of the solution. Founded that same year, LowTides Ocean Products mission was simple - do good, look good. With over 8 million tons of plastic dumped into our oceans each year, stopping the flow of waste and upcycling the plastic into sustainable and stylish products, is their approach to cleaner tides. A dedicated ecopreneur, Hutchinson is excited by the response to the company’s introductory year and hopes to capitalize on the growing interest in environmentally conscious products. 

LowTides beach chairs are available in Tall, Low and Child styles with modern features like backpack straps, cup holders and standing phone slots. Each chair is built with upcycled ocean-bound plastic collected from key ‘at-risk zones’ on Java (Indonesia), the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico), and Haiti. The company works directly with qualified partners at the source to ensure 100% traceability. 

“After a sold-out first season, we’re excited to expand the LowTides brand. Our mission resonates across generations and coastal communities, unifying beach lovers. Tackling ocean pollution is a global cause, which directly affects our local beaches,” said Elizabeth Ackmann, LowTides’ Marketing Director. “We’re proud to deliver a product that will help clean the local shorelines we know and love.” 


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