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LowTides Ocean Products Announces on Earth Day 24,000 Pounds of Plastics Prevented From Entering The Ocean

LowTides Ocean Products Announces on Earth Day 24,000 Pounds of Plastics Prevented From Entering The Ocean

NJ Based Sustainable Beach Gear Company Confirms That In The Past 3 Years, They’ve Successfully Upcycled 24,000lbs Of Plastics Into Their Products

RED BANK, NJ (April 22, 2022) – LowTides Ocean Products announced that with its third season release scheduled for June 2022, the New Jersey based company has successfully upcycled 24,000lbs of plastics into its products. The sustainable family start-up offers eco-friendly alternatives for beachgoers. Their line of stylish, high-end beach chairs are built from upcycled ocean plastics with REPREVE® recycled fabric, and their eco-towels, blankets, and apparel are woven from post-consumer recyclables. 

The LowTides brand aims to make it easy for everyone to be a part of cleaner oceans. The store’s price point ranges from $20 to $170. The premier items are upcycled beach chairs featuring artwork by Massachusetts based award-winning artist, Molly Hatch and New York contemporary artist, Thomas Paul; both are a key differentiation for the small business.  

“We’re a young company, so partnering with industry-respected artists and established fashion icons allows us to expand our brand and mission more quickly. We’re fortunate that so many others are vested in our mission and see the opportunity in making quality products from the existing waste in our environment,” explains Elizabeth Ackmann Co-Founder and Marketing Director.

Inspired by the infamous 2018 National Geographic article, “Planet or Plastic”, about plastic waste in our oceans and the detrimental effects to marine life and our shorelines, Founder Brenton Hutchinson sought to be a part of the solution. LowTides Ocean Products mission is simple - do good, look good. With over 8 million tons of plastic dumped into oceans each year, stopping the flow of waste and upcycling the plastic into sustainable and stylish products formed the backbone of the LowTides mission. Hutchinson set out that same year researching, traveling, and developing relationships in the budding industry to build a sustainable supply chain of material from the shores of Mexico, Haiti, and Indonesia to factories in Asia and warehouses in the USA. Plastic waste is a worldwide problem and LowTides sought a global solution. A dedicated ecopreneur, LowTides looks to expand its product line to incorporate everything you need for a sustainable and fashionable beach day.


LowTides Ocean Products lightweight beach chairs, beach towels, and apparel is built with upcycled ocean and recycled plastics and is available on their website and at several participating retail stores in Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia.


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