LowTides Ocean Products Introduces the World’s Most Eco-Friendly Beach Chair

LowTides Ocean Products Introduces the World’s Most Eco-Friendly Beach Chair

Made with 2.5lbs of Upcycled Ocean Bound Plastic, Beach Chairs are Helping Save the Ocean One Beach at a Time; Kickstarter Campaign Launches to Fund Product’s Final Development

(Red Bank, NJ) - June 12, 2019 - LowTides Ocean Products today introduced the world’s most eco-friendly beach chair.  Lightweight, durable, and easy to fold, LowTides OP beach chairs are the perfect accessory for any beach.  Available in eight stylish designs for adults and four fun ones for kids, LowTides OP beach chairs give beach lovers not only a reason to look good, but also to look good with a purpose.  The Kickstarter campaign, which launches today with a funding goal of $30,000 USD, features limited Early Bird Specials of $49 USD (kids chairs) and $69 USD (adult chairs), as well as several other rewards for backers.

 LowTides OP beach chairs incorporate 2.5lbs of upcycled ocean bound plastic from at risk coastal areas in the products design.  Ocean bound plastic is different from other recycled plastic.  LowTides OP’s supply chain sources single use plastic from target areas around the globe, which are called “At-Risk Zones.”  These coastal areas lack professional collection efforts to recycle, and as a result, there is a high likelihood that the plastic waste in these zones will enter landfills, the environment and even the world’s oceans.  


To learn more about how LowTides OP makes beach chairs out of 2.5lbs of upcycled ocean-bound plastic, please visit


Gone are beach chairs with boring stripes, solids, flowers and the same old thing found in mass retail stores today.  LowTides OP beach chairs’ colorful options are perfect for everyone's personality and environmental goal.  8 colorful choices for adults include: “Classic Charcoal,” “Classic White,” “Great White Blue,” “Island Coral,” “Sea Turtle Fuchsia,” “Shark Navy,” “Summertime Pink” and “Surfer Grey.”  For kids: “Mermaid Mint,” "Crab Teal,” “Shark Navy” and “Summertime Pink.”  

 “We work with trusted suppliers to source ocean bound plastic from resort communities, beaches, rivers, riverbeds and environments near coastlines that ultimately end up in our oceans,” said Brenton Hutchinson, founder, LowTides OP.  “These suppliers have the same goal as us - stopping ocean pollution before it starts.  The collected ocean plastics are broken down into resins that we then turn into stylish and comfortable beach chairs.”

 LowTides OP beach chairs also include modern design features such as backpack straps, dual cup holders, dual armrest smartphone slots, and a towel bar incorporated into the back of the beach chair that provides a durable solution to dry a towel.

Press Kit: HERE

About LowTides OP:

Founded in 2019, LowTides Ocean Products is the brainchild of a true Jersey boy, Brenton Hutchinson. Growing up along the water's edge with his cousins on 80th Street in Sea Isle City, New Jersey to now taking his family there, Brent realized that if nothing was done, future generations will not be able to do the same. Looking around the beach, groups of families and friends enjoying their day had one thing in common; all were sitting on beach chairs. Why couldn't all beach chairs that are used to view the ocean, save the ocean? And so, LowTides Ocean Products was born.  For more information, please visit



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