A Mental Break Is In Order

A Mental Break Is In Order

This picture pretty much sums up 2020, a rollercoaster. But I also see rolling waves and endless clean beaches along Seaside Heights, NJ famed beaches. Take a mental break for 2 minutes.  Hear the waves.  Feel the ocean breeze. 

You did not have to grow up going to the Central Jersey Shore to know the famed Seaside Heights. It's home to MTV’s infamous ‘Jersey Shore.’ The reality show created much-debated positives and negatives for our state. The town is a melting pot of the Tri-State, rides for the kids, and plenty of bars and restaurants for the sunburnt adults. Many locals, Shoobies, and Bennies (google it) populate the beach and rental homes each season. 

This shore town was made famous more recently after Superstorm Sandy ravaged the town and threw its landmark rollercoaster into the Atlantic Ocean. As you will see from the video, they rebuilt. The new coaster is bigger and better than ever.

We'll be on IG Live again, Thursday at 8pm EST. This time we invited Prashant Mehta from Conscious Step to join us. 

Stay safe. Be Well.

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