LowTides x Molly Hatch

Whale Hello There! LowTides has partnered with award-winning artist Molly Hatch for exclusive patterns and designs on our eco-beach gear. Her signature pen-and-ink whale pattern featured on our beach chairs, eco-apparel and eco-towels celebrates the ocean's most iconic mammal.

Meet Molly

Molly Hatch is an artist, designer, and ceramicist based in Massachusetts. Molly’s creations range from hand-painted ceramics to her pen-and-ink designs imprinted on a wide-variety of lifestyle products. She brings her modern yet traditional design into the contemporary home and now, your beach. Her love for Cape Cod beaches and all things seaworthy resonated with the LowTides mission. Her own brand, Molly Hatch, aims to be plastic neutral by 2021.

Molly Hatch Artist Portrait
Molly Hatch Whale Art


The loudest mammal needs your voice. Plastic may be ingested by whales mistakenly while feeding on prey, or may enter their digestive system from inside of prey that has previously fed on plastic. In 2018, a whale washed up on shore revealed that it had ingested over 13 pounds of plastic, including bags and flip-flops. Join Molly Hatch and LowTides in the mission for cleaner tides.

Happy Day Whale Art
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