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Top Christmas Gifts for Kids

Top Christmas Gifts for Kids

To help save you some time and hassle this holiday season, we’ve come up with some ideas for this year’s top Christmas gifts for kids. Knowing what your child will enjoy can often be a challenge, especially when spending weeks and weeks to get a Christmas list out of them just isn’t working. So, what do kids want for Christmas? Well, with online media, sports, gaming, TV & film having the greatest influence in what kids want to see under the tree, we’ve gone ahead and created a brief list to get your shopping spree started in the right direction.

Kids Gifts For Christmas

There's no shortage of selection when it comes to picking toys as kids gifts for Christmas. The challenge is picking something other than a toy, a gift that will encourage kids to step away from their screens and get immersed into a new world of imagination and play. 

What to Get Kids For Christmas

With the holidays just around the corner, here are some great gift ideas for the kids that will hopefully give you some direction. We’ve compiled a list that includes all kinds of possibilities, from clothes and games to sporting goods and outdoor essentials.  

  • Board games - The classic thrill of board games is still very much alive, particularly with older teens. Games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Trivial Pursuit are all teen and adult oriented and provide ample amounts of fun. Just don’t get too mad at each other.
  • Arts & Crafts - Art-oriented children will never dislike a crafty gift. Gifting craft supplies such as paint sets, canvases, glitter kits and other art goods are the perfect way to keep that creativity flowing.
  • DIY and Building Toys - You can never go wrong with a LEGO set, nor will a building kit bore a kid with a crafty mind. DIY gifts provide a great chance for kids to get hands-on experience and develop some helpful skills.
  • Clothes - Often the most boring gift of all, but clothes can actually be fun if you know what to look for. Online media has given fashion a new meaning for kids, and now there’s a wide array of clothing items that relate to games and gamers, musicians, and other popular media trends.
  • Tickets to Events - Music and sport lovers rejoice when they get a chance to see the real thing live. Concert and sports tickets may be a bit pricey, but there are plenty of cheaper options available with some research. 
  • Sports Gear - For the sporty kids, hooking them up with any type of sports gear is never a bad idea. Whether it’s a team jersey, sport-specific equipment, or a new goal for out in the yard, sports will always be a prominent part of many children’s lives.
  • Outdoor Stuff - If exploring is more their cup of tea, kids will love some outdoor gear to keep their efforts moving. Hiking and camping aficionados will love new boots, travel bags, even tents and sleeping bags. Beach lovers might enjoy a new chair to lounge and soak up the sun, or a soft towel to lay out on the sand.
  • Gully Children’s Beach Chair- Kids love the beach! It’s just one of those quintessential facts about life. For the beach-loving child in your life, get them the gift of comfort with LowTides’ Gully Child Beach Chair. Lightweight, durable and beautifully designed with mermaid and shark patterns, these chairs will help the little ones relax at the beachside.   
  • Check out some gift ideas for the beach lover in your life

    Those who cherish the outdoors will always seem to find fun in the sun. LowTides Ocean Products has been pushing these efforts for outdoor enjoyment, by creating eco-friendly products made from recycled ocean-bound plastics. Anyone who loves the beach knows the importance of our oceans, and our mission is to provide top-quality beach gear while saving the tides.

    With fantastic holiday gift ideas for the kids, LowTides Ocean Products welcomes your children into the family’s beach tradition and ensures that future generations will continue to enjoy the beach and the outdoors. Check out our family matching sets to soak up the sun in style. For any questions or comments regarding our process or products, feel free to contact us today.

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