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The Top 3 Companies That Give Back

Consumers will always have their own reasons for shopping where they do, but it’s certainly always a nice feeling when you know you’re supporting companies that give back. Whether this is to their own customers, communities, charities or the environment, companies that give back help continue the business ethos of camaraderie, and there’s something to be said for any company or brand that takes the time to do so.

Here’s a quick breakdown of companies who give back to the world through various endeavors. Let’s take a look!

Brands that Give Back to the Community

Within the efforts of the brands that give back to the community, a certain notion exists within their consumers who commonly wish to know where exactly their money is going once they’ve made a purchase. Meaning, it’s always nice to find out that your well-spent money went to a business that is socially responsible. In fact, many businesses and organizations core missions incorporate giving back to the community in various ways.

Some examples of businesses giving back to the community include:

  • Conscious Step - This sock company is “consciously created for a better world”, making sustainable products sourced from empowered producers in safe and fair working conditions. Conscious Step is committed to protecting endangered animals through multiple organizations, while giving back to nearly twenty different causes for a brighter future, including Habitat For Humanity, Room to Read, St. Judes Children’s Hospital, and other esteemed charities.
  • Green Toys - Green Toys Inc. proudly manufactures its entire offering of eco-friendly children’s products in the USA, utilizing locally sourced materials and a stringent quality control process for guaranteed authenticity. Using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, the company not only diverts material from landfills, but also reduces their carbon footprint and potentially harmful greenhouse gas emissions. From their eco-friendly raw materials to their California-based manufacturing processes, Green Toys is making products that are good for the earth, as well as safe and fun for the little ones who call it home.
  • Hackwith Design House - This clothing and apparel company has taken several measures to maintain their commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry. With products sourced from a local, family-owned fabric store that specializes in run-off and second-hand fabrics, Hackwith seeks to cut down on waste while also supporting their local economy. This now includes their new Sustain Shop, which helps bring life back to old HDH pieces, inviting customers to send in their used HDH pieces so that they can be repurposed and find a new home.
  • Why Doing Good is Good For Business

    Companies that give back to the community tend to have a huge selling point to offer customers. In fact, according to a 2010 study by Cone Communications, 85% of consumers have a more positive image of a company that gives to a community or charity, and 90% of consumers want to know how companies are supporting charitable causes. Not only does this help in places where it matters, but both sides of the coin can benefit from these actions.

    LowTides Ocean Products

    For small businesses, giving back to the community is just as essential as providing quality products to consumers. LowTides OP has been making waves in this ethos, known for our efforts to engineer products using up-cycled ocean plastic. Our story is a testament to our vision that everyone can be a solution to cleaner tides, and our stylish and sustainable beach chairs, towels, and other beach gear fall in line with our mission to reduce plastic in our oceans, and give our customers products they will love. 

    For any questions or comments regarding our process, or about our sustainable products, contact us today to learn more.
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