Portable Beach Chairs

Using Portable Beach Chairs for Fall Events

Portable beach chairs are for so much more than the beach! When fall comes around, it seems like the calendar is packed with events - soccer games, camping, football tailgates, outdoor concerts, festivals, birthday parties. The list goes on and on!

Many outdoor events come with limited seating, if any. If you don’t have a tailgate chair with you, you risk standing for long periods of time or sitting on the cold (possibly wet) ground. The best portable chairs are lightweight, easy to carry, and - most importantly - comfortable!

In addition, the best chairs for festivals are so much more than just chairs. They are also cupholders, a place to hold your keys, wallet, and cell phone, and can even act as a backpack.

If you’re looking for a few ideas for where you can bring your folding chairs this fall, consider the following list of events!

Best Events to Bring Outdoor Beach Chairs

  • Soccer Games
  • Little league soccer spans from September through November, allowing plenty of opportunities to cheer your little ones on at a game this fall! There’s no better feeling than sipping on a hot beverage and shouting from the sidelines, which is why our comfortable outdoor beach chairs can certainly come in handy. 

  • Football Tailgate Parties
  • The NFL season starts in September and ends with the Superbowl in February. During that time frame, you might be invited to a tailgate party. Tailgate parties can take place on the beach, in a parking lot, in a field, or even your backyard if it’s big enough!

    When everyone opens up their tailgates, grills up some food, passes out beverages, and plays games, you’ll want somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy yourself. Camping chairs with cup holders are perfect for tailgate events - you’ll always have a place to sit and place your drink when it’s your turn to toss the pigskin.

  • Outdoor Concerts
  • Fall is a great time to attend outdoor concerts. The weather is usually nice and warm during the day and then drops off at night, which is the perfect time to throw on a sweater and dance to keep yourself warm. The best seats for concert goers will elevate you a few inches off the ground so you stay warm and dry.

    During the fall months when the weather is unpredictable, you don’t want to find yourself at an outdoor concert with nowhere to sit besides the wet ground! Sure, you could bring a blanket with you. But then you’ll just end up with a wet blanket and likely wet pants, too. It’s better to bring a folding chair and keep your blanket off the ground so you can wrap it around you if you get too chilly.

    LowTides Beach Chairs are Perfect for Fall Events

    No matter where you’re going this fall - the beach, an outdoor concert, a sporting event, or just hanging out with friends in the backyard, LowTides has the perfect outdoor chair for you.

    All of our folding chairs are extremely lightweight and have shoulder straps so you can carry it like a backpack. Each chair has two cup holders and a dedicated smartphone slot so you can keep your device away from the sand and dirt. Shop our collection of portable chairs today!

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