American Flag

Just as our forefathers celebrated a new flag for a new nation, this Flag Day we're celebrating a new pattern for a new style of beach chair!

American Flag Limited Release Available To Preorder Now

Orders Shipping June 21, 2022.

June 14, 1777

Continental Congress voted to fight under a new American Flag. The congressman credited with the look for the first flag was New Jersey's own Francis Hopkinson. A signer of the Declaration of Independence and a Renaissance Man, his original bill sent to congress includes designing currency, the great seal and the flag. He remarked at the bottom of the bill 'for these services I have as yet made no charge, I now submit to your honor's consideration whether a quarter cast of the public wine will not be a proper reward' - the modern day request of pizza and beer when you help your friends move.

Want to know how Betsy Ross became the face of the flag? Listen in to 99 Percent Invisible's Roman Mars to learn more.

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